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A Grammar of Maybrat: A Language of the Bird’s Head Peninsula, Papua Province, Indonesia

Maybrat is a Papuan language that is spoken within the significant quarter of the Bird's Head Peninsula , Papua Province , Indonesia . even though it really is one of many greater neighborhood languages in Papua Province by way of numbers of audio system, a accomplished grammar in this language has hitherto now not been released.

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16). e. the experience of stigma, exclusion, discrimination and dependency- all of which deprive people with disabilities from having control over their own lives. The social model People with physical disabilities are atypical in that they often appear different to others and may not be able to perform certain actions within a range that is considered normal for someone of their age. Some writers have suggested that they therefore represent a threat to the social order as well as a less valued group within it (Scambler, 1984).

13). Considering these two illustrative case studies, the threshold used does not seem unduly low. Its importance, however, is in giving some indication of future need. People at the lower thresholds of disability today are undoubtedly the more severely disabled people of tomorrow. The total number of adults found to be disabled was 6,202,000, of whom 422,000 lived in communal establishments and 5, 780,000 in private households. 3 illustrates. 5 Communal estab. 0 Source: Martin et a/. 1. In western industrial societies there has been an increase in chronic and disabling diseases which have replaced traumatic injuries and infectious diseases as major causes of disablement.

In both countries, therefore, a higher proportion of women than men of working age are severely disabled. This does not apply in the case of children, at least in Britain. Girls up to the age of fifteen have a lower incidence of disability at all ages and at all severity levels. The increased prevalence of disability for women only begins to exceed that for men after the age of twenty (Bone and Meltzer, 1989, p. 21). In total, the prevalence of disability in Britain is 142 per 1,000 people, but this changes dramatically at different age groups and 26 Women and Disability between men and women, as has been indicated.

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