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By Deborah Smith

Elgiva MacRoth is mesmerized through the conceited guy whose significant fortune is endangering the way forward for her tiny Scottish village. whilst she kidnaps him, he overwhelms her with ardour. How can she make him remember that she's taken him prisoner basically to maintain her background?

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No, she decided, recalling that he was only thirty-seven years old. Only three years older than herself. One of the youngest billionaires in the world. Certainly one of the least lonely ones, considering what she'd read about his ladyfriends. Almost all had been blondes. Small, delicate blondes. That was why she'd worn a blond wig to his party. She hadn't been able to fake the small and delicate part, of course, but she'd won his attention anyway. Apparently, when Douglas Kincaid was in great need, any blonde in a low-cut gown would do.

Oh? " She smiled thinly and stabbed a poker into the fire. "It's not wise to insult the person who'll be bringing your meals to you. " "There's only me, Douglas. It was a one-woman plot. " "Don't waste your breath telling me a fairy tale. One person working alone couldn't have circumvented my security people. They're the best. In fact, they're probably halfway to finding this little torture nest of yours already. "No one but my executive staff will ever know that I'm missing. You and your pals will be hunted down by experts who make government investigators look like Boy Scouts.

Douglas Kincaid's dog licked her hand anxiously. "Sssh, now, he'll be fine," she said soothingly, stroking the dog's broad, golden head. "It's me you should be worrying over, lad. " Rob touched her arm. "Go up and sit with the others, Ellie. " "No. " At Rob's grim silence she glanced up. "Brother of mine, I was married for twelve years, you know. A man's body is nothing new to me. " He cursed softly. "I must have been crazy when we decided this plan. A true man wouldn't let his sister—" "A true man knows when his sister is the best choice for a job.

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