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By Ray Hogan

Within the identify novella of this assortment, Hogan makes use of his storytelling powers and willing eye for personality to recreate the lifestyles and instances of frontiersman Clay Allison. regardless of his rowdy acceptance, Allison is portrayed as a guy of integrity, keen to place his lifestyles at the line for what he believes in.

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The burning sear of the sun was yet to come, and a man's thoughts could be gentle and kind, and he could forget all the old regrets. People began to appear on the street. A wagon rumbled by, heading to LeForge's for supplies that would later be hauled back to some nearby ranch. Three 'punchers trotted in from the west and pulled up before Cardigan's stable. McCreight Page 22 opened the doors of his bank, propping them back with a pair of chipped red bricks. The day had begun, bringing with it the hard-cored problem of trouble.

It's always the same old tune, familiar, time-worn. Rinson, unarmed, knew he would take no action and, secure in such knowledge, pressed his advantage. Pole looked neither down nor away and after a moment moved on. He found no guns in sight. He turned, realizing suddenly the Mimbres Kid was not present in the saloon. He had a quick hope the young gunman had left, and he would see no more of him. He threw his glance at the bartender. "Keep it this way, and we'll get along," he said and continued on towards the doors.

The cowboy who had passed earlier, having satisfied his thirst for drink or company, returned, making his solemn-faced salute as he trotted back towards the short hills country. Shadows lengthened, and Pole, tired of the inactivity and knowing the time was near, dragged the chair into his office. He closed the door and headed off for the hotel. It was Page 27 too early to eat, and he passed on to his room and had just laid his hand on the knob when two quick gunshots rolled down the street. Spinning about, he traveled the long hallway in a half dozen strides.

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