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1 4. 天井2 5. 天井3 6. 健身/体育室 7. 中庭4 8. 私密空间 9. 图书室 10. 中庭1 11. 主管办公室 11 12. 基础教育区 3 13. 行政管理办公室 7 6 1 12 8 4 13 9 5 10 8 2 88~89 1 2 1. View from the atrium entrance; wall painting by Virginio Moutinho 2. View to Patio from the multipurpose room 3. Atrium between floors 1. 从中庭入口看到的内景,墙画由维基尼奥·木提赫创作 2. 从多功能室看到的天井 3. , Ltd. Location: Osaka, Japan Completion date: 2008 Photos©: Nacása & Partners Inc. 设计者:高松伸及高松伸建筑设计事务所 项目所在地:日本,大阪 建成时间:2008年 图片提供:那卡萨及合伙人有 限公司 Shitennojigakuen Elementary School This is first construction of educational facilities planned on Fujiidera Stadium site where was the home field of Kintetsu Buffaloes.

54~55 贝里克蔡斯小学 Designer: Clarke Hopkins Clarke Location: Victoria, Australia Completion date: 2009 Photos©: Courtesy of Clarke Hopkins Clarke 设计者:克拉克-霍普金斯-克拉克 项目所在地:澳大利亚,维多利亚州 建成时间:2009年 图片提供:克拉克-霍普 金斯-克拉克 1. Playing in the sandpit 2. View of the Games Hall 3. The school orchard 1. 采沙坑中的嬉戏 2. 竞技厅 3. 学校的果园 Berwick Chase Primary School Berwick Chase Primary School has been designed for a long term enrolment of 475 primary school students with a peak of 800. The school masterplan has carefully considered the integration of relocatable facilities to make sure all students have equal access and opportunities to use the permanent facilities including specialist areas such as the resource area and art facilities.

The school has been developed over more than 150 years and this project continues its evolution, combining the construction of new facilities and the redevelopment of the 1875 sandstone school building, games hall and library. The school occupies a steeply sloping site with many established trees and existing buildings at varying levels. It’s a beautiful site but one that would not be chosen for the development of a new school. The project was driven by the need to create modern, robust and adaptable learning environments, yet also by the need to respect the integrity of the historic school house and to retain as many surrounding trees as possible.

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