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Les SCHTROUMPFS n° 17 (1994) - Alain MAURY Le Schtroumpfeur de bijoux

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I was a boy. There was so much promise when our hearts were one. But, now they are two, it causes so much misery. Have I ever asked for release? I can release you. 30 In words? No. Never. In what, then? In a changed nature; in an altered spirit… in everything that made my love of any worth or value to you. I release you with a full heart, for the love of who you once were. May you be happy in the life you have chosen. Spirit! Show me no more! Take me home. Why do you delight in torturing me? THESE ARE SHADOWS OF THE THINGS THAT HAVE BEEN.

32 Scrooge became conscious of an overwhelming exhaustion and was overcome by an irresistible drowsiness. Scrooge awoke and knew, without being told, that it was one o‛clock. He felt restored to consciousness in the nick of time, for the special purpose of holding a meeting with the second messenger. Scrooge drew the curtains back himself this time, not wishing to be taken by surprise by the spirit. COME IN! 33 Now feeling prepared for almost anything, he began to ponder the source of a ghostly light that shone in from the next room.

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