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By Gordon D. Shirreffs

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It had been more merciful to kill them while they were still on their legs. But nothing is more painful to a horse soldier than to have to kill his mount. The typhoid had almost full control now. The rations had been poor for some time, with very little variety. The men had been weakened by their substandard diet, and the disease had caught hold. None of the sick could be moved. There were no horses to move them. There were not enough men left on their feet to guard them if they were on the move.

The officer did not move. Gallagher bent close to the dry lips. He placed a hand on the captain's forehead, then took up his left wrist and held it with a big finger on the pulse. He placed the hand gently beside the still body and then slowly drew the damp sheet up over the face. Gallagher turned and snuffed out all but one candle. He closed the lid of the dueling-pistol case and picked up the dispatches to put them in the case. It was then that he re- Page 28 membered the smaller envelope in the case.

Hallahan slowly shook his head. " "All of them, Dan. They have fever and swollen lymph glands, and they all have lost weight. There is only one exception. The captain's bay, Shannon. " Gallagher walked out of the stall and to the outer door without looking back at the dying animals. They would all die. If it had been farcy, a milder form of glanders, they would live, although still infected, but this was not so, according to Mike Hallahan, and no man knew horses better then he did. Gallagher placed the lantern on the ground.

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