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By Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel, Elżbieta Szymańska-Czaplak

The quantity includes so much up-to-date theoretical and empirical examine on international or moment language tactics analyzed from the point of view of cognition and impact. It includes articles dedicated to quite a few issued with regards to such wide subject matters as gender, literacy, translation or tradition, to say a couple of. the gathering of papers bargains a positive and encouraging perception right into a fuller knowing of the interconnection of the language-cognition-affect trichotomy.

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127–128) ‘Have a seat in the living room and turn on the goggle box. ’ ‘Yes, you will. 2012). 2012). 28 A. Urban [But I don’t understand politics] [If everybody, who doesn’t understand politics were to be sent to your special school, it would soon have to be enlarged] She waggled the bread knife in front of my nose. (PD, p. 120) (15) Aber von Dieffe aus kann ich sogar allein zum Förderzentrum gehen (ROT, p. 30) But from Dieffe Street I can actually go to school by myself. (PD, p. 28) (16) ‘‘Ich kann mir Adressen und dergleichen nicht behalten.

3). e. a (rather unfortunate) mixture of information and entertainment. One useful tool for ‘infotaining’ (Delli Carpini and Williams 2001) the public turned out to be linguistic humour understood broadly as an umbrella term for all sorts of witty tinkering with forms and meanings of words. The study, which takes the form of a bipartite survey, is designed to gauge the accessibility of linguistic humour, culled from the above mentioned TV news programme, to general public and to test its response to the idea of incorporating the phenomenon into news headlines.

He always looks a bit of a show-off when he grins. ’ I said, though it’s really none of his business. (PD, p. 133) [I almost told him I had a crush on Jule, but that was none of his business] As harmless as it would seem, apparently a 10-year-old boy cannot be in love with a girl, therefore in the excerpt (1) ‘‘loving’’ is substituted with ‘‘liking’’. In the excerpt (2) the whole sentence including a declaration of feelings for the girl is excluded from the ST. g. standing in front of a mirror, or those referring to her concern about her appearance, including mentions of her body as her ‘‘working capital’’, seem to be especially disturbing to the editor.

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