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By Sydney Lamb, Jonathan J. Webster

Language and fact provides chosen writings of Professor Sydney M. Lamb, together with six new works and a number of other which were re-worked for booklet the following. even if he's a number one determine in linguistic technological know-how, a few of the papers are faraway from renowned, a few of them having seemed in additional imprecise venues of ebook, and for the main half unavailable to the broader linguistic group. The booklet is split into 4 components, the 1st of consisting of papers supplying perception into the fellow at the back of this pioneering method of doing linguistics that may most sensible be summed up as ''linguistics to the beat of a distinct drummer.'' The papers partially II discover the theoretical origins of Lamb's principles approximately language that experience frequently been defined as sooner than their time. half III contains newer writings outlining paintings performed in Neurocognitive Linguistics. reviews of the interconnectedness of language with different kinds of human adventure and with heritage are provided partially IV.

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I also attempted to show that the relationship between morphophonemic and phonemic was not any kind of process, but a relationship — that of realization (the term, first used by the Prague School, had been suggested to me by Mary Haas). Likewise, the difference between morphemic and the higher level above it, "hypermorphemic" (later called sememic), was also one of realization. One therefore didn't need to resort to such psychologically unrealistic things as transformational rules to account for them.

The phases of erratic attention can alternate with periods of sustained intense creative concentration. m. (to the accompaniment of Scarlatti harpsichord sonatas), since it was taking me till midnight to get 16 LINGUISTICS TO THE BEAT OF A DIFFERENT DRUMMER everything else done in my grossly overcommitted schedule. ) Of course, sleep deprivation can produce neurotic symptoms — and I may have been rather difficult during that period — but the person in that condition is not aware of it; I thought I was blessed by nature with ability to get by on little sleep for long periods without harmful side effects.

I had long thought that there ought to be such a field, for those interested in language per se. In the undergraduate curriculum at Yale at that time, the only way to do advanced "study" of a language was to take courses in the literature written in that language. This was not study of the language, but of the 19 THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED BY literature. And that kind of study was something I had neither interest in nor aptitude for. But in linguistics it might be legitimate to investigate the contribution of linguistic structure to the thinking of the people using that structure.

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