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By John Elray

A pressured Muslim convert defies all odds to develop into the very best ruler of an empire that stretches from Egypt to Persia during this drama that pits Arab opposed to Arab throughout the Muslims' upward push to energy within the 7th century A.D. Mu'awiya is the son of the main vehement foe of the Prophet Muhammed, and amid the treachery, warfare, and political intrigue that keep on with the Prophet's demise, Mu'awiya embarks on a 30-year odyssey to redeem his family's identify and detect his ambition to be a pace-setter within the new order. This gripping novel exposes the interior workings of a circulate whose conquests rivaled these of the Romans and whose effect on modern day existence spans the globe.

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I wasn't sent here to courier prisoners back to Medina for your convenience," I said. "My journey will be even more dangerous if I take Mutemmam back with my party. " 44 John Elray Khalid and I stood facing each other, a sword's length apart. His eyes, narrowed so that almost no white could be seen, locked onto mine. I stood my ground, arms folded, leaning forward without actually advancing my position. "I'll be gone before your battle begins, and if I were to mysteriously disappear on my way home there are those amongst us who would implicate you.

He commanded all, except Mutemmam, to sit. "I intend to free the Beni Yerbu before the next full moon," he said, "but before that time certain things must take place. First, your people must submit to the will of Allah and become true Believers. Furthermore, those held here will make tents for my troops, one each day until they are freed. " A chorus of "peace be upon him" echoed through the tent. I looked away from Khalid but could still feel his eyes on me. I hesitated for a moment and then addressed Mutemmam.

That does not surprise me, Shurahbil. I've traveled with his army before. " "Twenty-five, twenty-five dirhams," the merchant called out. At this point I turned back to him. " The merchant paused. "Not that ten is not a fair price for such esteemed customers," he added quickly. " Money and merchandise changed hands and then Shurahbil walked with me as we continued to talk. I had not seen Shurahbil in over a year owing to the length of his stay in this part of Arabia. He had been the chief of a Christian tribe located at Muta, in southern Palestine, until his forced conversion, brought about after he slew one of the Prophet's messengers.

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