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By Seymour Simon

Describes the features of the planet Jupiter and its moons as published by means of images despatched again via unmanned Voyager spaceships which took one-and-one part years to arrive this far-off monstrous.

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The water then seeped under the surface and froze again. The surface of Ganymede is very wrinkled. The thin white lines are long, narrow hills or ridges of ice mixed with dust and rock. Dark grooves or valleys lie between the ridges. The icy ridges are a few hundred feet high, several miles wide, and hundreds of miles long. What caused the ridges? Some scientists think that long ago when Ganymede was very hot inside, the heat expanded the surtiace and cracked filled up the ridges. cracks. it. Water jfrom inside flowed out and Then the water quickly fi'oze into icy c allisto [ka-LISS-toe] is moons.

It. Water jfrom inside flowed out and Then the water quickly fi'oze into icy c allisto [ka-LISS-toe] is moons. It is the outermost of the Galilean mostly ice with only small amounts of rock on top of a deep, frozen ocean. At its center is a rocky core. More than any other ofJupiter's moons, Callisto is covered with large craters. Craters are holes in the ground with ring- shaped walls around them. The craters were formed when meteors, giant rocks from space, crashed into Callisto, melting the surface ice.

But on Callisto, little has hap- pened since the craters were formed. c ne of the most exciting discoveries of Voyager 1 was that Jupiter has a thin ring circling the planet. It may have formed from the dust thrown out by lo's volcanoes. No one knows third planet in rings, for sure. Jupiter is the our Solar System shown to have along with Saturn and Uranus. This photograph shows Jupiter and part of the ring (right). far side ring It was taken in Jupiter's shadow on the of the planet. Sunlight, coming through the from behind, is dust in the ring.

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