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By Thomas Hardy

This variation is written in English. although, there's a operating Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variations of Jude the imprecise. This variation will be worthwhile for those who woul

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He had anticipated much pleasure in this afternoon's reading, under the quiet roof of his great-aunt's house as formerly, where he now slept only two nights a week. But a new thing, a great hitch, had happened yesterday in the gliding and noiseless current of his life, and he felt as a snake must feel who has sloughed off its winter skin, and cannot understand the brightness and sensitiveness of its new one. He would not go out to meet her, after all. He sat down, opened the book, and with his elbows firmly planted on the table, and his hands to his temples began at the beginning: Korean boldly: 대담하게, 뻔뻔스럽게, 뚜렷이.

Plaster: 회반죽, 반창고, 고약을 붙이다, 석고, 온통 발라 붙이고, 고약-회반죽을 바르다, 고약처럼 처바르다, 석고 분말을 혼화하다, 의 치료비를 내다, 포도주에 석고 분말을 혼화하다, 처바르다. sensitiveness: 느끼기 쉬운, 성잘 내는, 반응하는, 극비에 부쳐야 할, 감광성의, 민감한, 절대적 충성을 요하는. sloping: 경사진, 비스듬한, 비탈진. snake: 뱀, 뒤틀다, 꿈틀거리다, 꿈틀꿈틀 움직이다, 음흉한 사람, 잡아 끌다, 말 살며시 가벼리다, 말 없이 가벼리다, 묶다, 뱀 같은 인간, 와이어로 하수관을 청소하다. variorum: 집주의, 집주판. Thomas Hardy 43 [Three Greek words] Had he promised to call for her? Surely he had! She would wait indoors, poor girl, and waste all her afternoon on account of him. There was a something in her, too, which was very winning, apart from promises.

Cipher: 아라비아 숫자, 암호, 영, 계산하다, 변변치 않은 사람, 자명, 암호로 쓰다, 암호를 쓰다, 열쇠, 운산하다, 을 계산하다. clandestinely: 은밀히, 남몰래. 시키다. 찍다, 에 소인을 찍다. completeness: 완전성, 완정. uncover: 덮개를 벗기다, 목로하다, elm: 느릅나무. 모자를 벗다, 털어놓다, 탈모하다, enmity: 적의, 증오. 뚜껑을 벗기다, 폭로하다. extremity: 말단, 수족, 선단, 곤경, uppermost: 최상의, 최초로, 가장 눈에 비상수단, 끝, 극한, 극단, 극도, 띄는, 맨먼저 마음에 떠오르는, 극단책, 앞끝. 최고위에, 최상에, 최고의, 맨 먼저 letterpress: 편지 복사기, 활판 인쇄한 마음에 떠오르는, 맨 앞에, 맨 위에, 자구, 활판 인쇄, 철판인쇄기, 인쇄한 맨 먼저. 자구, 문자인쇄면, 본문, 활판 인쇄기. wantonly: 변덕스럽게, 장난치며, postmark: 소인, 우편의 소인, 소인을 제멋대로, 방자하게.

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