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By Gordon D. Kaufman

The newest level of Kaufman's pondering, because it is embodied during this ebook, has attained an admirable simplicity, strength, and relevance to the desires of our day. He calls us to embrace the creativity that got here vividly to expression in Jesus and within the ancient trajectory of his impact. Kaufman frees his Christian theology from each hint of mythological and supernaturalist pondering with out diminishing its significance for brand new global. John B. Cobb Jr. Ingraham Professor of Theology Emeritus Claremont Graduate college The energetic curiosity this day within the old determine of Jesus isn't matched through theological advances in realizing his individual and importance for our personal time and worldview. Gordon Kaufman takes up this problem during this daring, speculative paintings. regardless of the fabled problems of conventional Christological phrases, Kaufman seeks to re-envision the logo of Jesus in the modern medical worldview. construction on his thought of God as easily creativity, he the following locates the which means of Jesus' salvific tale inside an evolving universe and a threatened planet. outdoors the dualistic different types of the biblical worldview, he unearths, the greatly artistic and influential determine of the ancient Jesus may have an essential position within the emergence and improvement of the cosmos and human historical past. inside of that function, he argues, Jesus, his relation to God, and his centrality to Christian religion turn into clearer and our personal lives and activities tackle a brand new that means. Gordon D. Kaufman is Professor of Theology Emeritus at Harvard Divinity tuition. His many very important theological works contain his Essay on Theological technique (1975, third version 1995), Theology for a Nuclear Age (1985), In Face of puzzle (1993), God-Mystery-Diversity (Fortress Press, 1996), and at the beginning . . .Creativity (Fortress Press, 2004)

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However, in the course of history, from the time of Jesus up to the present, great changes in and many variations of Christian faith and life have appeared, as Christians have had to adapt themselves repeatedly to new unforeseen circumstances. So our theological task today is to construct a Christian world-picture that can orient faith and life appropriately and effectively in today’s rapidly changing modern/postmodern world. 4 What does it mean to place our faith in God-as-creativity? And what does it mean to order our activities, lives, and worship in relation to God as so conceived?

These “additions”—going beyond God’s fundamental relation to humans (as creator)—were indispensable for the orienting and ordering of life. Creativity, as we will be thinking of it here, is that to which everything that exists is attributed—whether massive or infinitesimal, material or ideal, beautiful or ugly, valuable or useless, meaningful or meaningless, good or evil, true or false, and on and on. ) It is important to note that reference to creativity does not explain why things exist: “creativity” is simply the name—not the explanation—of an ultimate mystery that we humans have never been able to put aside and likely will never adequately understand: Why is there something, not nothing?

This mix of mythical and historical thinking must have been very puzzling, perhaps barely intelligible to many thoughtful persons; and throughout the early centuries the churches had to struggle to make sense of it. The creeds produced at two important councils of church bishops—in Nicea in 325 and Chalcedon in 45120—have been regarded in most churches as the authoritative statements about how the complex relationship between Jesus and the creator-God was to be understood. These formulations are very ambiguous and difficult, and to some persons simply incredible or even unintelligible.

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