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Foucalt, M. (1972) The Order of Things: an Archeology of Human Sciences. Routledge, New York. 8. -G. (1975) Warheit und Methode. Grundzge einer philosophishen Hermeneutik. C. Mohr (Siebeck), Tbingen. 9. Gasson, S. (2004) The management of distributed organizational knowledge. J. (ed) Proceedings of the 37 Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS 37). IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, Ca. 10. Gleick, J. (1987) Chaos: Making a New Science. Viking Penguin, New York. 11. G.

G. Jung (1953). Informed Systems Approach 33 Fig. 2. Basic dimensions of Creative Space Another example: the intuitive heritage of humanity is actually equivalent to the Kantian a priori synthetic judgements. First Plato, later Descartes and finally Kant have shown that there are true ideas that we have in our mind and they appear obvious to us (ideas of space, time, logic). However, the concepts of non-Euclidean space, relative time, multivalued logic have shown that these ideas are not obvious and not necessarily true.

In epistemology, most philosophers of 20th century accepted, often subconsciously, the Wittgensteinian prohibition “wovon man nicht sprechen kann, dar¨ uber muss man schweigen”, meaning “do not speak about methaphysics”. However, in the last 15 years at least 7 new micro-theories of knowledge creation emerged, all based on the concepts of tacit knowledge, intuition, emotion and instincts, thus metaphysics. Therefore, we need also a new epistemology. S. Kuhn 1 Postmodern sociology treats science as a social discourse.

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