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20 I. L. Babich of the Northwestern Caucasus were Muslims. Thus, Azerbaijan, Daghestan, Chechnya and Ingushetia are the most Islamised parts of this region while the peoples of its central and Western parts have been less deeply influenced by it. ) Before Islamisation the peoples of the Northwestern Caucasus used the ‘adat (Ar. ‘ada – customary law) based on oral tradition. The absence of a state and a system of law favoured the lasting preservation of the ‘adat. Islam introduced its own legal system – the shari‘at (Ar.

Ethnic elites are, therefore, considered as actors in the political space the ultimate goal of whom is to achieve the best results at minimum costs. The assumption that a united and controlling Centre is an actor in the political space. In general, it is difficult to speak of a united Centre in the postSoviet period in any of the newly independent states, because in many aspects their elite groups have had a great variety of views. Still, for convenience’s sake we can extract the situational factors and deem the Centre as a cohesive actor holding internally coordinated views in relation to the management of ethnic groups.

The modern Islamic rituals are to a great degree at variance with the Islamic canon and are the subject of disputes among the spiritual leaders. A growth in the people’s religious awareness can be observed all over the Northwestern Caucasus. The motives and reasons of religiosity among the respondents are connected to a wide variety of factors. Some Muslims have deep religious convictions. Some of them observe Islamic rituals as part of a fashionable trend. Most Muslims, however, consider religion as a major part of their ethnic culture.

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