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The 1st variation of this publication quick demonstrated itself as one of many clearest and so much readable introductions to generative grammar. including a whole creation to the rules of common Grammar, it traced the key shifts of viewpoint that experience inspired the advancements of the idea over the past 40 years. This revised and multiplied re-creation introduces scholars with out past education to Transformational Grammar. overlaying the framework referred to as rules and Parameters in addition to the more moderen framework referred to as Minimalism, it encompasses a diversity of recent workouts, making it perfect for college kids in any respect degrees.

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It’s our son. Conjunctions og [ɔ], men, at and, but, that da, når, om, hvis when/since, when, whether, if Han 'sagde, at han var 'træt og 'sulten. 18 He said that he was tired and hungry. 4 Two-word stress Stress Where two or more words belong together in one semantic unit, the last word in the phrase is stressed. Preposition + noun (Kig) i 'bogen. (Look) in the book. (De kommer) i 'dag. (They’re coming) today. Indefinite article + noun en 'bil a car et 'hus a house Verb + particle smide 'ud throw out vende 'om turn round Verb1 + Verb2 Jeg skal 'gå.

De var 'rejst. They had left. Infinitive marker + verb at 'se to see at 'vente to wait Verb + complement (Han) er 'høj. (He) is tall. (Hun) er gra'vid. (She) is pregnant. end/som + the word compared (Hun er højere) end 'Ole. (She is taller) than Ole. (Hun er lige så 'gammel) som 'ham. (She is as old) as he is. 6 Stressed prefixes These include amplifying, negating and contrasting prefixes. 7 Stressed suffixes Many of these were originally loan suffixes. 8 Unstressed prefixes These include many loan prefixes.

5 The genitive -s in noun phrases The genitive -s is placed on the last word of the noun phrase. 6 Differences in use in English and Danish Notice the different use of the definite article in English and Danish: the end of winter def. art. no art. vinterens afslutning (Lit. the winter’s end) def. art. no art. Nouns following a genitive never take an end article. 8 Special uses of the -s genitive • in surnames: hos Olsens Vi køber fisk hos Hansens. at the Olsens’ We buy our fish at Hansens’. 1 Articles – form The indefinite article (corresponding to English ‘a(n)’) is, in Danish, either en (common gender) or et (neuter).

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