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The power to acknowledge and properly use different components of speech is essential to demonstrating command of the conventions of ordinary English grammar and utilization while writing or talking. during this e-book, readers will know about the functionality interjections have in sentences by way of following the tale of Will and Lauren, who stopover at a museum to work out dinosaur skeletons. the tale and job sidebars aid train suggestions resembling right punctuation, capitalization, and the way phrases or words could have specific results.

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Nice describes the performer, woman. Nicely describes the action, spoke. " You can avoid that common error by recognizing that most words that describe actions end in -ly. Well describes actions, unless referring to the state of health. Good never describes an action. Examples: My neighbor paints well. My neighbor is a good painter. I don't feel well today. < previous page page_35 next page > < previous page page_36 next page > Page 36 Real describes a person, place, or thing. Examples: The shoes were made of real leather.

1) In the spring the honeysuckle droops over the hillside. (2) Its sweet smell < previous page page_27 next page > < previous page page_28 next page > Page 28 hangs heavily in the air outside. (3) The fragrance floats into the room when the doors are open. (4) A hummingbird dives daily in and out of the honeysuckle. (5) He bombs past the doors with his heavy load and balanced on a branch of the little olive tree. 1. Sentence 2: Its sweet smell hangs heavily in the air outside. What correction should be made to this sentence?

4)Mrs. Diaz plans to begin next year. (1)Did you pay Mattie? (2)Arthur paid her twice last month. (3)I had not been payed before the summer ended. (4)Mrs. Scott has always written excellent business letters. (1)The cleaning crew had threw out my notes before I returned for them. (2)I wouldn't throw out someone else's notebook without asking first. (3)I saved those notes from being thrown out several times. (4)This time, they were thrown out for the last time. (5)No error Practice XI Directions: The following items are based on a paragraph that contains numbered sentences.

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