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Birds in the trees took flight around him. The wild things ran for cover. Higher. Higher. It was brighter now. So bright. Too bright. Oh, yes! Nearly there. Nearly sunrise. He let the fragile warmth engulf him, felt it all the way to his soul. His face, his head, his entire body were warm in a way he hadn’t felt in two centuries. The ball of fire and life topped the horizon and blasted away all the night, all the darkness, all the pain and isolation. Meical flung back his head and let his exultation fill the world below.

But it was better than the pain. Meical Grabian drifted in the blackness, as wispy as a spiderweb. Nothing ahead of him, nothing behind and nothing left of him but his conscious mind. Where was the power the Alchemist had promised? The chance to feel the sun’s warmth again, after two hundred years of drinking blood and living in darkness? Fool. He’d actually believed the Alchemist’s potions and spells would work for him. Was this what he’d bartered away his existence for? No. He’d done it for Ellory and Talisen, for their brood of fledgling vampires.

John chuckled, stood up and drained his coffee. He took the mug to the kitchen. When he returned, he regarded his patient with a furrowed brow. Caroline caught the snag of exasperation and in decision in her friend and shrugged. “Look, you’ve got your rounds to do at the hospital in less than an hour. He’s comfortable where he is. Leave him here. ” John met her gaze with a scowl. ” True—and not true. If he was like her, she knew him in ways she’d never known anyone before. She eyed the man’s still face.

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