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By Lynn E. Roller

This e-book examines the most interesting figures within the non secular lifetime of the traditional Mediterranean international, the Phrygian mom Goddess, recognized to the Greeks and Romans as Cybele or Magna Mater, the nice mom. Her cult used to be really admired in important Anatolia (modern Turkey), and unfold from there during the Greek and Roman global. She was once an greatly renowned determine, attracting devotion from universal humans and potentates alike. This publication is the 1st accomplished meeting and dialogue of the total extant proof about the worship of the Phrygian mom Goddess, from her earliest visual appeal within the prehistoric checklist to the early centuries of the Roman Empire.Lynn E. curler offers and analyzes literary, historiographic, and archaeological information with equivalent acuity and aptitude. whereas prior reviews have tended to stress the extra outrageous points of the mum Goddess's cult, reminiscent of her orgiastic rituals and the eunuch clergymen who attended her, this booklet locations a distinct specialize in Cybele's place in Anatolia and the ways that the id of the goddess replaced as her cult was once transmitted to Greece and Rome. curler supplies a close account of the expansion, unfold, and evolution of her cult, her ceremonies, and her that means for her adherents.This booklet will introduce scholars of Classical antiquity to many elements of the good mom which were formerly unexamined, and may curiosity somebody who has ever been piqued via interest concerning the mom Goddess of the traditional Western international.

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E. Neumann 1963. castration (a central feature of the cult of the Roman Cybele), which he saw as sym­ bolic of the devouring mother and of a society governed by "savage instincts"33 This type of psychological probing of human consciousness as a means of exam­ ining human prehistory has little to contribute to an understanding of the Mother Goddess in the Mediterranean world It does not offer anything meaningful to our understanding of early religious imagery, but rather uses these supposedly divine sanctions to justify socially constructed modes of behavior.

7 Bachofen's specific connection between Anatolia and matriarchy has, however, proved to be remarkably tenacious. Bachofen's ideas were accepted by the latenineteenth-century explorer and archaeologist William Ramsay, whose own work in Anatolia was instrumental in drawing the attention of Classical scholars to the his­ tory and monuments of pre-Greek Anatolia, especially Phrygia. 8 Ramsay's writings indicate that he was significantly influenced by Bachofen's ba­ sic thesis that human social development proceeded from hetacrism to matriarchy and then to patriarchy: "I shall show that the early Anatolian social system knew no true marriage and traced descent only through the mother?

VL8). The site also yielded a number of figurines from different contexts, including hu­ man, animal, and schematic figurines/ Most are of clay, although all the schematic figurines and most of the human figurines up to level 6 are of stone. The human fig­ urines have received the most attention. Several of these depict females, often with exaggerated breasts, hips, buttocks, and abdomens, of a type found widely through­ out the Mediterranean Neolithic. While clearly representing women, they do not draw particular attention to women's reproductive roles.

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