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By Gerald Seymour

Barney Crispin, SAS Captain, is shipped urgently to the Afghanistan border at the direct order of the overseas Secretary. His challenge is to prepare the destruction of 1 of the hot Soviet helicopters and to convey its mystery components again to Britain.

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His eyes never left Rossiter's face. ''We're going to blow out a helicopter, Barney, or two, or three ... I don't know how many. Just as they're flying along, nice and safe, nice and happy, we'll give them a bloody great shock up the arse, up the exhaust. I'd like to think we'd be there to see it when it happens. But, that's too much. I'm the fixer, you're the instructor, but we don't get onto the field. We're strictly on the bench. I find the people we work with, you train them, and off they go over the border and do their stuff.

Barney looked Rossiter full in the face, blue gimlet eyes piercing into the discomfort of the older man. 'He was too badly wounded to turn his own weapon on himself, but they heard him screaming before they went in with the bayonet to get his body back. I don't suppose that was on the file . . ' But the door was already closed behind him.. 3 Rossiter was better with the sleep behind him, almost human and almost interesting to Barney. 'Look at it this way, Barney, from the point of view of the opposition.

Who said it had to change anything? It gets us an Mi-24, it gets us a hundred photographs, it gets us the manuals, it gets as target acquisition and locking sensors, low speed data sensor, IFF anenna, Doppler radar, you want the rest? ' 'Twelve,' spoken softly by Barney, spoken to himself. ' Barney smiled coolly. ' 'You trained on it in Germany. ' 'Oh, yes? Did the file go into the disappearance of the FCO chap on the jaunt in Libya or not? ' I'll tell you what it does say, Barney. It says "He's a cold bugger".

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