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By Roberta D'Alessandro

This booklet is a learn monograph on impersonal si structures (ISC) in Italian in the Minimalist application framework. The publication deals a brand new viewpoint on ISCs, delivering a brand new set of the most important info that have been formerly unknown, and stating many features of ISCs that have been missed sooner than. It leads to the creation of extra technique of syntactic research on the side among slender syntax and pragmatics.

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The idea that default valuation takes place every time a feature is left unvalued is therefore in principle wrong, and we believe that there must be some restrictions to applying default valuation. We wish to propose that default agreement only takes place when Match of unvalued features is met. We can rephrase this by saying that default agreement takes place when two features are in a simple dependency relation such as the one outlined by Lopez (to appear). According to Lopez (to appear), two features that are in a c-command relation can establish a Match relation even if both Syntactic and semantic agreement 35 are unvalued.

Roles are thus not assigned parasitically on Agree, like Case, nor via a specific agreement relation. They are assigned configurationally, in the merging place of arguments. If an argument is merged in the complement position of a verb, it will get the lowest -role the verb can assign, and so on. Several studies have recently shown that a strictly configurational theory of -role assignment like the UTAH (Uniformity of Theta Assignment Hypothesis), stating that ‘Identical thematic relationships between items are represented by identical structural relationships between those items at the level of D-structure’ (from Baker 1988:46), first proposed by Baker, is not enough to explain -role-shifts or insertion of additional -roles in a derivation (see Damonte 2004 for a theory of functional -projections).

Syntactic agreement and the identification of syntactic features The underlying assumption that we make for the present discussion is that syntactic categories are characterized by the unique featural composition of their components. Moreover, as a general rule, it is assumed here that if a feature is morphologically or syntactically visible on one element of the category, such a feature is present in all elements of the class. The opposite also holds: if a feature is never visible on any element of a category, this feature does not exist on that category.

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