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By Sheldon B. Kopp

Therapists don't and can't supply solutions. discover the genuine nature of the healing courting, and observe that the guru isn't any Buddha. he's simply one other human suffering. realizing the form of your personal own ills, will lead you in your trip to restoration. Sheldon Kopp has a practical method of changing one's future and accepting the accountability that grows with freedom.

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This cannot be so, because I don't seem unhappy enough to believe that. " he insists. Perhaps I am lying to make him feel better. Perhaps it is really just a technique, a therapeutic ploy I am using to try to help him. I am only trying to help myself, to take care of myself, to maintain my sanity by not 42 Telling of the Tales letting him tempt me into the compact of our being "special" (at least not more than briefly from time to time). I talk often of death, of his death and mine, and of the deaths of the people we love.

That's it. The imminence of my own death is the pivot around which things tum. This makes what is going on now all that counts. Doing therapy is like remembering all the time that you really are going to die. Because the therapy hour has a definite beginning and ending, we are kept aware of its being temporary. There is only me, and you, and here, and now. We know in advance that it will not last, and we agree to this. All relationships are temporary, but it is so terribly hard with my wife, my kids, Tal.

To this day, women have remained the most consistent object of man's inhumane political and social oppression. Other groups rise and fall, but females remain oppressed, even when they no longer constitute a minority. The female pilgrimage is an attempt by women to regain their status as full-fledged human beings, to be accepted as the natural equals of men, and no longer to be used as a repository for the projected evil that males thus disown. As a man, at times I am certainly a part of the conspiracy that has kept women degraded and unhappy.

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