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The Storehouses of Heaven We walked a little farther—and this is the most important, and perhaps the strangest, part of my story. I saw three storage houses 500 to 600 yards from the Throne Room of God. They were very long and very wide. There may be more, but I only saw three. We walked into the first. As Jesus shut the front door behind us, I looked around the interior in shock! On one side of the building were exterior parts of the body. Legs hung from the wall, but the scene looked natural, not grotesque.

Gal. ) The very breezes were filled with the presence of God. Sometimes on earth when you are prayed for by someone ministering under a heavy anointing, your body may break out in goose bumps. But even when the body does not react to the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit, there is a feeling of inner warmth, of being wrapped in a blanket of God's love. That is the way heaven felt, only more so. We passed towns, buildings, and little offices. The buildings were for whatever "business" or interaction that takes place in heaven.

All I can say is that, when you are faced with the presence of Jesus, you know beyond the shadow of a doubt Who it is. Many people since have asked me what He looks like. ") From my own experience, anyone who sees Jesus is so overwhelmed that His appearance is secondary to His literal presence. You are so caught up in Who He is that the details of what He looks like are not what your mind focuses on or retains. However, I do remember that He looked about six feet tall, with sandy-brown hair, not real short and not too long.

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