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By Richard Zimler

From the across the world bestselling writer of The final Kabbalist of Lisbon comes a singular of incomparable scope and sweetness that takes the reader on an epic trip from war-ravaged nineteenth-century Europe to antebellum the USA. A bereft baby, a freed African slave, and the wealthy historical past of Portugal’s mystery Jews collide memorably in Richard Zimler’s enthralling novel--a remarkable paintings of old fiction performed out opposed to a backdrop of warfare and chaos that unforgettably mines the mysteries of devotion, betrayal, guilt, and forgiveness.Hunting MidnightAt the sunrise of the 19th century in Portugal, John Zarco Stewart is an impish baby of hotheaded feelings and playful inquisitiveness, the unwitting heir of a religion shrouded in 300 years of secrecy--for the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula were in hiding because the Inquisition. yet a season of loss and sour discovery brings his innocence to an abrupt finish. it is just the ministrations of a mystical stranger, delivered to Porto via his seafaring father, that restoration his safeguard: nighttime, an African healer and freed slave, the fellow who turns into John’s maximum pal and ensure the process his destiny.When Napoleon’s armies invade Portugal, violence back intrudes on John’s fragile peace, and seals his passage into maturity with one other devastating loss. yet from the wreckage comes revelation as he uncovers truths and lies hidden via the folk he enjoyed and depended on so much, and discovers the act of unspeakable betrayal that destroyed his family--and his religion. And so his shattering quest starts off as he travels to the United States, to seek for wish in a land shackled by means of unforgivable sin.With gorgeous perception and a mind for wealthy historic detail--from the colourful marketplaces of Porto to the drowsy plantations of the yank South, from the Judaism John discovers as a tender guy to the magical Africa that dead night conjures from his memories--in searching nighttime Richard Zimler has crafted a masterpiece.

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