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By Joe Griffin

The authors consultant the reader via their method of emotional future health and schooling, sincerely explaining a physique of mental wisdom received via many years of study into neurophysiology, psychology and behavior.

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20 He gives three reasons to support this. The first is that, "although it normally occupies only about 20 per cent of the total time we sleep each night, it takes only six weeks of deprivation of REM sleep alone to kill rats, compared with four weeks for complete sleep deprivation. " On these terms, one minute of REM sleep is worth five minutes of non-REM sleep. 27 28 I HUMAN GIVENS The second reason he gives to support the idea of REM supersleep is one that will please catnappers around the world.

It became clear to him that REM sleep deprivation did not cause a change in the brain thermostat but did cause the disruption iri heat conservation. The link between the evolution of warm-bloodedness and the REM state in the brain could not be more clear. Interestingly, when sleep-deprived animals were near death and then allowed to sleep, all of these changes could be reversed. Most remarkable was that the animals showed large amounts of REM sleep rebound. They had to catch up on what they had missed.

The intensity and ubiquity of the dreaming experience made mankind certain that dreams were significant in some mysterious way. From ancient Sumeria we have written records from over 4,000 years ago that recount the oldest known heroic tale, The Epic of Gilgamesh. It is about the search for immortality and is full of dream accounts. In one dramatic dream, for example, Enkidu, the travelling companion of Gilgamesh, sees what the afterlife is like and this gives him a sense of certainty about the relationship between life and death that influences his whole view of the world.

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