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By Terry Brooks

The unthinkable has come to go: Peter Pan has grown up. Attorney-at-law Peter Banning lives in an international of mobile telephones, unending conferences, and speedy deals-a international thaht leaves little time for his spouse and childrens. but whilst Peter visits the elderly Wendy Darling in London, he turns into haunted by means of a earlier he cannot fairly keep in mind. Then one blustery evening, his kids disappear from the nusery-and a cryptic observe is located. it's signed JAS. Hook, Captain, So starts off the journey of a life-time, within which Peter travels to a global like no different, an international that feels by some means familiar....

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She smiled. " Together, they dashed for the window, preparing to fly away. Wendy rushed into the room, hands outstretched. " Everyone in the audience applauded, and the children on stage laughed and bowed. Wow! thought Jack. Charged with the play's excitement and joy, he gave his dad a glowing smile. Thank goodness that's over! Peter Banning sighed, and missed the smile completely. Pitches Sunlight filtered down across the woodlands, bright and warm, filled with promise. The spruce and hemlock crowded together on the foothills, verdant and thick as they backed their way upward into the tall peaks of the mountains beyond, where snow glistened whitely.

My word is my bond," Peter insisted, and reached up to cross his heart. Jack looked away. " The anger in his face was palpable. " He flung the ball at the ceiling, striking it so hard that the oxygen mask compartment dropped open and a tangle of masks and lines collapsed downward in front of Peter's face. Peter's hands gripped the armrests for dear life, and he closed his eyes tight. Granny Wendy Kensington Gardens offered rows of turreted, gabled Tudor homes built of painted boards and stone and brick, their cloistered domains gated and walled, their patchwork lawns drifted with snow, their gardens brilliant with cyclamen and holly.

He stood there, unable to take his eyes away, a feeling of vertigo settling in. Moira reappeared suddenly, took him firmly by the arm, and marched him inside. The door closed behind them. They stood in the entry way of die old house, looking ahead into the living room, right into the dining room, and left into the study. Polished oak trim gleamed at every turn—from floors, cornices, and mop boards, shelves and cabinets, beams and paneled doors. Pieces of furniture that dated back three centuries crowded one another for space, strange knickknacks and collectings from antique stores and white elephant sales, beautiful and wondrous or ugly and plain, depending on your point of view.

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