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Complementary and substitute methods to healthiness and drugs became more and more frequent because the limits of traditional remedies turn into extra obvious. Holistic Anatomy presents an authoritative research of anatomy, body structure, and pathology yet expands the dialogue via connecting the technology of the physique to numerous replacement modalities to discover how humans exist within—and have interaction with—their atmosphere, and the way they event lifestyles in emotional and religious phrases. uncomplicated clinical terminology and designated descriptions are interwoven with casual, occasionally funny observations, evidence, and ideas approximately existence. The mechanisms, constitution, and features of the physique are explored, besides how they relate to non secular and full of life paradigms, feelings, and ecological rules. the 1st 1/2 the e-book covers simple anatomy and body structure, describing each one significant approach of the physique and the way they interrelate. This half incorporates a considerate dialogue of getting older and the loss of life method. the second one part specializes in versions of healthiness and disorder, either conventional and holistic. subject matters contain western pathology, emotional healthiness, 5 point drugs, and the religious reason for ailment.

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