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By Patrick Anderson

Patrick Anderson creates a close description of the struggle for the legalization and decriminaliziton of the marijuana within the usa. an excellent learn that might hold you .

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As they flew, looked after by four "jet Bunnies," Hefner encouraged Stroup to tell about NORML'S work and particularly about its challenges to the laws in Texas, the one state where many young men were still getting long prison sentences for simple possession. The talk soon shifted, however, from drugs to sex, not an uncommon subject in the Playboy world, and then it shifted again, to the subject of women and their many new demands. This was 1971, a year when the women's-liberation movement was gathering momentum, a time when many men were finding their women embracing dangerous new ideas.

He saw NORML locked in an adversary role with the commission, and if they could not be friends, he thought he could at least force them to respect him. For Stroup, one of the important by-products of the three commission hearings was the opportunity it provided to meet potential allies in the reform movement. It was at the hearings, for example, that he first met Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard-trained expert on mind-altering drugs who would soon introduce Stroup and his friends to the hallucinogenic drug MDA, and also Dr.

What strings were attached? None, Hefner assured her. She asked if she could have men in. ) Of course, Hefner said. But why me? she said, persistent. Because we think you'll make a contribution, he said. You like people and you'll be fun to have around. And so she moved in, and it was fun, but after a year or so she moved out again, because she wanted her privacy, and because she was a very sane woman who soon realized that life in Hefner's mansion was essentially insane, unless you were Hefner.

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