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As a result, fathers and grandmothers of at-risk children are educated. Mothers are encouraged to come together to listen to and discuss a radio program designed to motivate them to change some behaviors. With self-confidence, women will have greater success in breast-feeding, introducing weaning foods, changing practices, and persisting in recommended behaviors against resistance by the child or by opinion leaders in the household and community. Roles and Role Conflicts During each stage in the life cycle, females have clear-cut biological, economic, and cultural roles.

415]. At the same time, such activities are often barely viable economically, giving their proprietors a poverty-level income, somewhat offset by greater compatibility with child care (flexible hours, potential to bring the child to work, convenience), availability of surplus for home consumption, and social networks [36]. Women are often responsible for purchasing food as well--they decide what kinds of food to buy, in what amounts, and of what quality. Except where women are secluded, they are generally Page 7 responsible for selecting and transporting food from market to home.

Fig. 5 shows how development efforts can positively affect nutrition by changing how women use their time. Each concentric circle represents increased resources for nutrition, with the outermost circle containing more distal effects than the inner circle. The resulting improvements in human resources then enhance productivity, further generating, one hopes, an upward spiral in output and well-being. Of course we cannot increase the number of hours in the day, but by increasing productivity (through increasing skills, improving technology, or providing access to productive resources, shown inside the arrows on fig.

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