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By Justine Dare

After he kills her abusive husband, Kate Dixon lies to the gurus to guard the lifetime of gunslinger Joshua Hawk, a guy haunted by way of a prophecy of immortality, within the moment western romance in the Hawk trilogy.

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Or even if thanks were in order. "I barely even spoke to her," he said yet again, as he had several times at the trial. "That's all it'd take, for Arly," Pike said. "He was a mighty possessive man. And a good-looking hombre like yourself, well ... Anyway, when I found out he took this old piece with him that night, it put a whole different light on things. Makes it self-defense, I'd say. " Josh swallowed tightly. "Just how did you ... " "Well, that's how I knew it had to be the truth, see? " Josh straightened up.

This must be what that book about Shakespeare's plays had called irony, she thought. She'd spent a long time studying that book, trying to work out the difficult words and more difficult meanings, hoping someday to be able to read the plays themselves. She'd had to sneak it at night, when Arly was snoring noisily; he hated her wasting time reading, especially about silly things written by a man long dead in a foreign country. But this had to be it, that irony she'd tried so hard to understand. Irony, that a man like Arly, a man most would call a decent, law-abiding, solid citizen, had been a lumbering, clumsy oaf who ran to fat and jowliness; while a man most people feared, a man considered a heartless killer, a man who stayed in one place no longer than it took to kill whatever hapless soul was his target, looked like an angel come down straight from heaven.

He was still having trouble figuring this out, why the woman he'd made a widow would first save him from the hangman, and then be glad to see him as well. He looked back at Deborah. " The woman nodded. " At least someone was, he thought wryly. He hadn't cared much. "A lot more'll be sorry to miss it. A good hanging always brings people to town. " Deborah sniffed. "And that business of sending invitations to executions ... " Something dark and pained shadowed the woman's eyes, and josh quickly decided not to point out to her that she was conversing quite easily with a man whose business was death.

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