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Catherine McCall seemed to have all an American woman may perhaps wish: well-to-do cosmopolitan mom and dad, a personal schooling, a robust religion origin — even child grand pianos at her fingertips. yet underneath this ideal fa? ade, her relations concealed a bad mystery. nobody can have guessed there has been an exact torture chamber within the basement of 763 Montgomery position, or that McCall used to be being raped again and again via her father.

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Loving Parents _____ 10. Happy Childhood _____ 11. Safe Touch _____ 12. Intimacy Pain From Fear: _____ 1. Fear Of Death _____ 2. Fear Of Loss _____ 3. Fear Of Abuse _____ 4. Fear Of An Abuser _____ 5. Fear Of Trauma _____ 6. Fear Of Violence Pain From Being Judged In The Past Or Present: _____ 1. For Your Race _____ 2. For Your Gender _____ 3. For Your Sexual Orientation _____ 4. By The Church/Judgmental Pastors _____ 5. For Being An Addict _____ 6. For Not Being Perfect _____ 7. By Your Parents _____ 8.

Becoming honest with others and ourselves about our addiction. 3. Making amends to those we have harmed in the past with our behavior. 4. Attending AA/NA/Celebrate Recovery meetings every week so we can ask for help and receive support from other recovering alcoholics/addicts. 5. Forgiving ourselves for not being perfect. 6. Making a commitment to getting our lives in order – legally, financially, personally, and in relationships. 7. Reconnecting with our goals for the future. 8. Taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

6. If I have sex with enough people, I will feel better about having been abused. -No, the more promiscuous I become, the worse I will feel about myself. Process Questions How healthy were my past sexual experiences? How do I feel about the way I have expressed myself sexually? If I expressed my sexuality in an unhealthy or addictive way, what would I like to change? What steps could I take to quit my unhealthy sexual behaviors? (Go to a 12-step meeting, work on sexual abuse issues, journal about my feelings, take medication for depression or anxiety, talk to a counselor, change my beliefs about sexuality, etc…) How will stopping my unhealthy sexual behavior improve my self-esteem?

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