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This opening sketch of reactions to mass culture would not be complete without mention of a diverse group of sociologists and anthropologists who began to study mass society using a range of investigative techniques derived from three main sources: opinion polling and marketing research, anthropological field work, and psychoanalytic testing strategies derived from Freud. Much of this work was federally financed and inspired and coincides with the expansion of government involvement in all aspects of American life that was a marked characteristic of the period from the New Deal 44 AMERICAN Cl'L Tl'RE AND SOCIETY SINCE THE 1930s onwards.

These anthologies seemed to meet the methodological requirements of the expanding higher education sector that an ailluent post-war America had sanctioned. Students were trained first and foremost to appreciate the technical complexities of poetry and the subtle discriminations that a poetic diseourse fuH of paradox, irony and ambiguity can effeet. Malcolm Bradbury has summarised the continuing legacy ofthe new eriticism as folIows: For New Criticism it was the text itself that was postulated as an empirie al experienee independent of the persons experieneing - an ideal text to which all critics, provided they purge themselves of quirks of personality, misfortunes of upbringing, environmental, social and political preferences, might share in as a eommon fund.

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