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By George Gamow

A exotic physicist takes an enlightening examine 3 scientists whose paintings unlocked many mysteries: Galileo, the 1st to ascertain the method of loose and constrained fall; Newton, originator of a common strength; and Einstein, who proposed that gravity isn't any greater than the curvature of the 4-dimensional space-time continuum.

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They certainly looked like they could be related. Both of them had pale hair (when Aden didn’t dye his to stop the blond jokes), lips almost too full for a boy and square jaws. When he’d realized what he was doing, though, he’d forced himself to stop. Surprisingly, stopping had made him depressed. What did his real father look like? Aden didn’t have any pictures. Didn’t even have memories of him. Only thing he knew about the man was that he’d given Aden up. Which meant, he, too, had considered Aden a freak.

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