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Be cautious, though. These fruits have a higher calorie density than the non-dried variety. So you’ll have to scale back your portions. Rolled Oats If you're looking for soluble fiber and low-GI carbs – and you should be – oats are your first choice. Check out our sections on oats later in the book for more info about this grain. Mixed Nuts We prefer to make our own mix, and it usually consists of walnuts, pecans, almonds, and cashews in equal proportions. Half of the mix is then chopped in a blender or food processor to be added to meals as needed (including oats, salads, and toppings).

4) Soy protein is the most controversial of all protein types. While the soy lobby has gone to great ends to suggest soy is a “super-food” with medicinal-type effects, there is also a good amount of research suggesting that soy protein might be contraindicated in many situations. Because of all of this confusion, we tend to avoid soy protein and stick with the other types listed here. 5) Rice protein extracts are a great hypoallergenic alternative to milk and soy proteins. Therefore for those who have food allergies or insensitivities to other protein sources, rice protein is very well tolerated.

Catch the omelet gently, easing the pan down smoothly as it lands to prevent splatter. Bravo! Another strategy is to slide the omelet out onto a plate – still face up. Then, bringing the plate over the pan, flip the plate over quickly, allowing the omelet to land face down to complete the cooking process. If thing don’t go as planned, don’t worry, you can always turn the dish into scrambled eggs. If your flipping attempt ended with an empty skillet, then it’s time to get a new prescription for those eyeglasses .

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