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By Charles Grant

Commencing the X-Files... MeetMulder and Scully, FBI. The corporation maverick and the feminine agent assigned to maintain him in line. Their task: examine the eeriest unsolved mysteries in smooth the USA, from pyro-psychics to dying row demonics, from rampaging Sasquatches to alien invasions. The circumstances the Bureau wishes dealt with quietly, yet speedy, sooner than the general public unearths out what is particularly available in the market. And panics. The circumstances filed less than "X."

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Webber frowned his puzzlement. ” The smile returned, this time with teeth. “A personal favor. ” 41 THE X-FILES Mulder wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say next. He had already explained to Barelli as carefully as he could that he couldn’t take on the case without authorization, or without a request from the local law enforcement agency, but the reporter refused to accept it. He kept insisting this was Mulder’s kind of thing, right up his alley. Weird stuff, Mulder thought sourly; famous throughout the whole damn world for weird stuff.

He laughed. A Jeep, while it was possible, was hardly the best way in the world. He drank and waved the flashlight again. The passenger door swung open, and he saw a woman’s face. ” he called. Hiccuped. ” The woman’s face disappeared. He drank and grinned, stumbled, and reached out to catch himself on a trunk. The wood was soft. Too soft. He yelped and jumped back, the bottle dropping from his hand. He aimed the flashlight unsteadily, and saw the arm reach out of the bark. He saw the blade. He heard himself scream.

So he figured he didn’t have a whole hell of a lot to lose when he swung his legs over the side of the bed and waited for the dizziness to pass. He had to get out. Walk around a little. Get some 25 THE X-FILES fresh air. Maybe find a card game and tell a few stories of his own. Anything but count those damn holes again. Clumsily he dressed in boots and fatigues, made it as far as the door before he felt the first ache, deep in his jawbone. It almost sent him back, but now it was a matter of pride.

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