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By Alexei V. Demchenko (Eds.)

content material: Synthesis of 9-substituted sialic acids as probes for CD22-ligand interactions on B cells / Shoufa Han, Brian E. Collins, and James C. Paulson --
unusual sugars and their conjugates to common items / Wenlan Chen ... [et al.] --
Plant mobilephone wall glycans : chemical synthesis of the branched sugar aceric acid / Sergey A. Nepogodiev, Nigel A. Jones, and Robert A. box --
Iodoamidation of glycals : a facile practise of 2-deoxy-N-glycosylamides / Cecilia H. Marzabadi and Michael DeCastro --
Stereocontrolled glycosylation : fresh advances : [beta]-D-rhamnosides and [beta]-D-mannans / David Crich --
Stereoselective glycosylations utilizing chiral auxiliaries / Jin-Hwan Kim, Hai Yang, and Geert-Jan Boons --
keeping teams in carbohydrate chemistry profoundly impact all selectivities in glycosyl couplings / Bert Fraser-Reid ... [et al.] --
Synthesis of N-5-derivatives of neuraminic acid and their software as sialosyl donors / Cristina De Meo --
2'-carboxybenzyl glycosides : a unique form of glycosyl donors and their software to oligosaccharide synthesis / Kwan Soo Kim and Heung Bae Jeon --
Oligosaccharide synthesis with glycosyl phosphates / Jeroen D.C. CodeĢe and Peter H. Seeberger --
Glycosyl thioimidates as flexible glycosyl donors for stereoselective O-glycosylation and convergent oligosaccharide synthesis / Papapida Pornsuriyasak, Medha N. Kamat, and Alexei V. Demchenko --
Sequential glycosylation innovations : a spotlight on thioglycosides as donors and acceptors / G.A. van der Marel ... [et al.] --
New apsects of glycoside bond formation : solid-phase oligosaccharide synthesis / Richard R. Schmidt, Simon Jonke, and Ke-gang Liu --
Synthesis of carbohydrate antigens on the topic of Shigella dysenteriae variety 1 and in their protein conjugates / Vince Pozsgay and Joanna Kubler-Kielb --
Enzymatic synthesis of glycosaminoglycans : bettering on nature / Fikri Y. Avci ... [et al.] --
The chemical synthesis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchors from Trypanosoma cruzi Trypomastigote mucins : exploration of ester and acetal variety everlasting keeping teams / Dmitry V. Yashunsky ... [et al.] --
Glycodiversification for the synthesis of neomycin and kanamycin classification aminoglycoside antiobiotics / Jinhua Wang and Cheng-Wei Tom Chang --
Convergent N-glycopeptide synthesis / Katja Michael --
concentrating on galectin-1 with self-assembled multivalent pseudopolyrotaxanes / Jason M. Belitsky and F. Fraser Stoddart --
De novo synthesis of biofunctional carbohydrate-encapsulated quantum dots / Sergei A. Svarosky and Joseph J. Barchi, Jr.

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Recently, we developed another synthetic pathway by enzymatic resolution of l-(2-furyl)ethanol followed by Achmatowicz rearrangement (Scheme 4) (14). In this pathway, furanaldehyde, an agrobased product, is used as starting material for preparation of the chiral a,p-unsaturated lactones. As an alternative way to construct the desired a,|3-unsaturated lactones, this strategy is more economic and more practical for large-scale manipulations than that one shown in scheme 2. So far, 20 uncommon sugars were obtained in large quantity (Figure 1) by using these two strategies in our group.

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