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By Suzanne Brockmann

She could not mend his wounded physique . . . yet may she heal his center? Being a military SEAL is greater than a occupation to Alan "Frisco" Francisco -- it truly is his entire identification. yet now a bullet has threatened that life. How can he functionality in wrestle whilst he can slightly stroll? nonetheless, regardless of the doctor's warnings, Frisco is set to accomplish a whole restoration. however the unforeseen visual appeal of his deserted niece leaves Frisco with little time for something yet facing the five-year-old woman. He is familiar with even much less approximately parenting than approximately how you can mend his damaged physique. and there's no approach he will settle for bargains of aid from his neighbor Mia Summerton. He does not want anyone's support . . . to not deal with his niece, to not learn how to settle for his boundaries and definitely to not fall in love.

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Why don't you work on that for a while? " He headed back into the kitchen and grabbed an ice pack from the freezer. He moved into the living room and sat on his old plaid couch, swinging his injured leg up and onto the cushions. The ice felt good, and he put his head back and closed his eyes. He had to figure out a way to move those boxes out of Tash's room. There were a half a dozen of them, and they were all too ungainly for him to carry with only one arm. But he could drag 'em, though. That would work.

She'd found a plastic spoon and a discarded paper cup and was filling it with dirt and stirring the dirt as if it were coffee. She had mud covering close to every inch of her exposed skin— which was probably good since the morning sun was hot enough to give her a bad sunburn. "It's still early. " Mia glanced at her watch. "Tash, it's nearly ten. He's got to be awake by now. He's probably going crazy, looking for you. " Tasha glanced up at her. " she said matter of factly. " Mia held out her hands to help Tasha down from the dirt pile.

Mia knew it was crazy. This was not a man with whom she could picture herself spending the rest of her life. He'd been trained as a killer—a professional soldier. And if that wasn't enough, he had barrels of anger and frustration and pain to work through before he could be considered psychologically and emotionally healthy. And if that wasn't enough, there was the fact of his drinking. Yes, he'd vowed to stop, but Mia's experience as a high school teacher had made her an expert on the disease of alcoholism.

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