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By Marisa McClellan

Renowned nutrition blogger Marisa McClellan takes you thru all demeanour of nutrition in jars, storing away the tastes of all seasons for later. fundamentals like jams and jellies are followed through pickles, chutneys, conserves, complete fruit, tomato sauces, salsas, marmalades, nut butters, seasonings, and extra. Small batches lead them to effortless tasks for a canning beginner to take on, and the flavors of vanilla bean, sage, and pepper will maintain more matured jammers coming again for more. Sample a few Apricot Jam and Rhubarb Syrup within the spring, after which test your hand at Blueberry Butter and Peach Salsa in the summertime; Dilly Beans and highly spiced Pickled Cauliflower ring within the fall, whereas Three-Citrus Marmalade and Cranberry Ketchup are the harbingers of winter.

Stories of untamed blackberry jam and California Meyer lemon marmalade from McClellan’s adolescence make for a learn as enjoyable because it is scrumptious; her home-canned food—learned from generations of the unique “foodies”—feeds the soul in addition to the physique in additional than a hundred recipes.

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