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By Elizabeth Telfer

Taking a look at the philosophical matters raised through nutrients this brief and obtainable e-book questions where nutrients must have in our person lives. It indicates how conventional philosophy and its vintage texts can remove darkness from a daily topic.

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Then there are gluttons, who always want to be eating but who enjoy their food. Third, there are epicures, who have to have something out of the ordinary before they can enjoy what they eat. And finally there are addicts, who for present purposes are people who feel compelled to eat or drink more and more, but do not enjoy it. ) Now we can describe all these people, including normal eaters, as ‘never finally satisfied’. But the phrase is ambiguous: it can mean either that they never really enjoy their food or that they never feel they have had enough.

Because food is essential to life itself, giving it and sharing it seem to have a special significance. It is as though we are saying that we want to give the most important thing of all to the person we love, or to share the most important activity with them. Seventh, a meal can be an exercise in civilisation, style, elegance or luxury. For example, those who kept up formal British ways of eating in the jungle, in the days of the British Empire, thought of themselves as maintaining the standards of civilisation amid barbarity.

There may be a tendency for people who appreciate the pleasures of eating and drinking to become epicures or addicts. But this danger besets other kinds of pleasure too: people can become compulsive readers or jaded devotees of culture. The pleasures of eating and drinking, at any rate, are sufficient to make the risks of addiction or epicuredom, though worth looking out for, risks worth taking. The fourth and most important argument of the quantitative kind is that spending money, time or effort on food is not a cost-effective way of getting pleasure.

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