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By Ulrich Flogel, Eric Ahrens

Over the prior decade, fluorine (19F) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has garnered major clinical curiosity within the biomedical learn neighborhood as a result of the original homes of fluorinated fabrics and the 19F nucleus. Fluorine has an intrinsically delicate nucleus for MRI. there's negligible endogenous 19F within the physique and therefore there's no heritage sign. Fluorine-containing compounds are excellent tracer labels for a large choice of MRI functions. in addition, the chemical shift and nuclear leisure fee might be made conscious of body structure through artistic molecular layout.

This booklet is an interdisciplinary compendium that info state of the art technological know-how and scientific study within the rising box of 19F MRI. Edited by means of Ulrich Flögel and Eric Ahrens, fashionable MRI researchers, this e-book will attract investigators occupied with MRI, biomedicine, immunology, pharmacology, probe chemistry, and imaging physics.

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With the emerging interest in fluorine contrast agents, on-going clinical trials of 19F MRI for cell tracking, and molecular 31 32 Advanced Detection Techniques and Hardware and functional imaging, significant attention has been paid to developing imaging technology to improve the detection limits for 19F nuclei. Because of the complex chemical structure of fluorinated compounds, advanced pulse sequences must be designed to accommodate the unique features of 19F signals such as variable T1 corresponding to different oxygenation level, J-coupling, and fast apparent T2 decay.

These plots exemplify a possible difference in ptimal power settings between 19F and 1H nuclei. 06). However, due to the dualtuned coil design, the coil provides identical spatial B1 field distributions at both frequencies if driven at the respective optimal power levels. Once determined for a specific coil, the power level 19F/1H Dual-Frequency RF Coil Design and System Calibration ratio can be used to indirectly calibrate the 19F power level via standard 1H calibration procedures [55]. Dual-frequency 19F/1H coils enable simultaneous transmit and receive of RF energy at both frequencies.

Am J Transplant, 11, 235–244. 25 26 Pulse Sequence Considerations and Schemes Giraudeau C, Flament J, Marty B, Boumezbeur F, Meriaux S, Robic C, Port M, Tsapis N, Fattal E, Giacomini E, Lethimonnier F, Le Bihan D, Valette J. (2010). A new paradigm for high-sensitivity 19F magnetic resonance imaging of perfluorooctylbromide. Magn Reson Med, 63, 1119–1124. Goette MJ, Keupp J, Rahmer J, Lanza GM, Wickline SA, Caruthers SD. (2015). Balanced UTE-SSFP for F MR imaging of complex spectra. Magn Reson Med, 74, 537–543.

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