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By Stephie Davis

Evidently, i do not are looking to attend the semiformal with a pity date, that is why I advised my buddies i've got a boyfriend: this rather lovely drummer, Rafe. (I wish!) what is the sizeable deal? good, Rafe already has a female friend, plus now he thinks i've got a boyfriend. So i've got imaginary boyfriends, and nonetheless no date for the dance. What used to be I even pondering? may a man like Rafe ever date a not anyone like me?

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Come with us to Inverness today and pick out a guy. Rafe can get over himself. I almost grinned. I had a feeling Rafe did need to get over himself. But there was no way I could go to Inverness today. Miss Jespersen would be waiting for me at three o’clock at Mueller-Fordham. With my audition less than 38 three weeks away, I had lessons almost every day. My fingers curled around my textbook at the thought of heading back into that torture chamber. Erin slid me another note. So? Are you coming today or what?

Erin put her arm around me and giggled. ” I sighed. Except for Rafe, they were right, and I doubted Rafe or anyone in Mass Attack was actually a student there. They probably got Miss Jespersen to arrange cheap practice space since she was Rafe’s aunt. ” Erin’s smile slipped and something like pity flickered in her eyes. ” She raised a brow. ” “I . ” Crud. I couldn’t think of a single thing. ” “Oh, don’t worry,” Val said. ” She fingered my hair. ” I flipped her hand off, resentment beginning to boil inside me.

She fingered my hair. ” I flipped her hand off, resentment beginning to boil inside me. “I don’t need a charity date. I’m—” “It’s okay, Lily,” Erin said. ” “Pretend what? ” The identical expression of pity on all their faces infuriated me. “I can get a date. A hot date. ” Erin grinned. ” I sat back in the chair and folded my arms, determined to prove to them I could be as cool as they were. I could jump right into their little clique with their new boys. . Then I remembered I had a recital on 33 Saturday.

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