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By Rachel Hawthorne

Oh. No. this cannot be taking place. Me and Sean Reed? "Trust companions" for the whole counselors-in-training software? Sean can have deep blue eyes that make my middle flutter each time he appears to be like at me, yet he is continuously been a troublemaker. Being thrown jointly all summer season? that's so not likely to paintings. whether he does have a very, very nice smile. belief me in this.

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Maybe he thought I was going to do as instructed because I was rubbing my sweating palms on my shorts, too. Not that I was going to hold his hands, but it gave me something to do, as I tried to figure out how to get myself out of this situation. Usually I was good at strategy. It was the reason my name was etched on three plaques hanging in the main lodge, along with those of my team members from the past three end-of-summer Capture the Flag games. “Anyone not holding hands will spend time 53 in the jail,” Edna announced like some drill sergeant.

Counselors have to be able to follow orders. ” “But the uni—” “You are partner one,” she said, interrupting 44 me before I could explain how hideously unflattering the uniforms were this year. “Sean is designated partner two. You were supposed to fall back into his arms. ” To my disappointment we weren’t discussing the uniform. Bummer. It was so much easier to explain. “But I didn’t trust him,” I blurted. Surely she could understand that. How could you let yourself fall when experience had taught you that the net wouldn’t be there when you landed?

I looked at Edna. She was holding a stopwatch in her raised hand. “All right, CITs. I want you to stare into each other’s eyes until I tell you to stop. ” I jerked my attention back to Sean. ” I started to feel very nervous. Was I going to fail every exercise? But it was either that, or stare Sean in the eyes. I don’t know why, but that scared me more. ” 50 “Yep. Stop staring at my nose. ” I took a deep breath. Chill, I told myself. This isn’t a big deal. Then, I slowly, reluctantly, lifted my gaze to his.

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