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By Sean Michael Wilson, Benjamin Dickson

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According to Gandhi, the 4 levels of Protest are as follows: First they forget about you. Then they ridicule you. Then they struggle you. you then win!

In Fight the Power!, comics authors Sean Michael Wilson and Benjamin Dickson crew up with illustrators Hunt Emerson, John Spelling, and Adam Pasion to teach how this strategy has been performed out time and again all through history--and has slowly yet definitely resulted in hard-won rights for the folk alongside the best way. targeting the English-speaking international locations, Wilson and Dickson chronicle the struggles of the Luddites and Swing Riots within the early 1800s, during the Irish Rebellions that lasted via 1922; from the suffragettes in 1918 to Rosa Parks and the bus boycott of the mid-1950s; from the trial of Nelson Mandela to the Occupy circulate that has in simple terms simply all started. by means of illuminating the range of protests--and the precious connections between them--through an available artwork form, struggle the Power! exhibits that there's a aspect to the fight, struggle through struggle, win by way of win.

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