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Используя региональный подход в исследовании средневековой семейной жизни, автор в первой части книги даёт обзор не только разнообразных семейных отношений, но и структуры семей и обозначение категорий групп, попадающих под это определение в различных культурах: в позднеантичном римском семействе, средневековой еврейской семье, семействе на византийском Востоке, средневековом Западе и в мусульманском мире.
В следующих частях рассматривается повседневная жизнь семейств различных социальных классов и рода деятельности – крестьян, ростовщиков, ремесленников, торговцев. Показано также поэтапное изменение внутрисемейного статуса членов семейства – от ребенка, до жениха/невесты, мужа/жены, отца/матери, зятя/невестки и т.п. Уделено также внимание темам отношения к детям, отношения церкви к семье и маргинальным семьям, возникавшим по разным причинам – идеологическим ( например, в случае еретических движений катаров или бегинов), военных действий или стихийных бедствий (эпидемии, голод и т.п.)Образцы сканов:

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In large families and among the noble class more communal arrangements might have been typical, since such families had more varied duties and obligations to perform. These living arrangements were probably more likely to encourage cooperation in families rather than conflict. Another issue, especially with respect to noble families and the royal household, is the apparent prevalence of adult unattached males in the household: the so-called warband of the lord, chieftain, or king. Certainly some members of the warband were the lord’s own sons, brothers, and cousins, but many were not related to their lord at all.

Gregory of Tours, for example, accuses Queens Brunhild and Fredegund of perpetuating a feud between Clovis’s sons, who were fighting over the boundaries between the territories they had inherited after his death. A queen-turned-saint, the Englishwoman Balthild, who became the wife of King Clovis II in the seventh century, is depicted in her official biography as both an exemplary patron of the church and as a peacemaker between her three sons, who inherited different portions of the Frankish kingdom.

Experiences of imperial women in the years to come: the wives and daughters of Roman and Byzantine emperors after her tended to be considerably more engaged in political activity and religious patronage than those of the earlier period. Different Family Structures in the Later Roman Empire People living within the boundaries of the Roman Empire, especially those who attained citizen status (after the year 211 every free person living in the Empire was granted citizen status), were bound by Roman Civil Law and that meant that their own family traditions underwent some modifications to conform better to Roman ideals.

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