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By Bill Willingham

Gathering matters #48-51 of author and writer invoice Willingham's award-winning Vertigo sequence, WOLVES additionally contains newly-created maps of Fabletown and the Homelands illustrated via Willingham and, as a different bonus, Willingham's whole script to the double-sized factor #50.

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In that case, I will throw stones at you till you think differently. Well, what else could you be? 30 I don’t understand it. Stones flinging themselves. Stones talking. Put yourself down. Rot away! I’m done. Stop that. Wha-- So what are you then? Still believe I’m just your imagination? It ’s very simple. I’m an invisible man. Tell me something I don’t know—where’ve you hid? How’d you do it? I’m invisible. That ’s what I want you to understand. Anyone could see that. There is no need for you to be so impatient, mister.

He turned toward the house, walking slowly with his hands behind him. But... No! then things happened very quickly. Adye swung around, and clutched at the revolver, but missed it. BLAM Oh, why was he so careless? Kemp, who had been watching from the window, did not hear the sound of the shot. Adye writhed, raised himself on one arm and fell forward. 62 I hope he is okay… While one of the men stayed with Adye, the other rushed into Kemp’s house. My word! Colonel Adye! No, don’t! He is still here, you fool!

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