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By Susan Rothstein (auth.), Susan Rothstein (eds.)

In contemporary years, the examine of occasions and their position as implicit arguments of predicates has been on the heart of a lot vital paintings in semantics and the syntax/semantics interface. This quantity brings jointly fourteen unique stories through major students in semantics and the syntax/semantics interface, masking a large spectrum of analysis into the function of occasions in grammar. The papers greatly deal with the next themes, between others: occasion arguments and thematic argument constitution; the function of occasions in verbal aspectual differences; occasions and the excellence among degree and person point predicates; the function of occasions within the research of plurality and scope relatives, the mass/count contrast, and propositional attitudes.

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Brutus killed Caesar with a length of rope. Note suddenly we get the very clear intuition that the stabbing has a very different relationship to the killing, an intuition we did not have about the previous examples where the instruments were left undisclosed. s If (29b) is in fact an accurate description of things, then (29a) cannot be. Thus, it leaves open the possibility that the killing, the death, and the stabbing, all constitute the same event. A thematic roles analysis is never going to tell us if two descriptions of events are definitely identical (since spatio-temporal locations must be the same), it will only be able to tell us if they are distinct.

Caesar died. In this case, the thematic role assigned the object of "kill" is the same as the role assigned the subject of "die," so these could be the same event. Now, let us ask whether: 28. Brutus stabbed Caesar is the same event as either. " Thus, they could be the same event. Note, however, that if we include an instrument in the killing and the stabbing, and they are distinct entities, what our intuitions are: 29. a. Brutus stabbed Caesar with a dagger. b. Brutus killed Caesar with a length of rope.

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