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By Prof. Manuel Viamonte Jr. M.D., M.Sc. (auth.)

Why are blunders made in stomach radiology? during this e-book, a significant other quantity to his ebook on blunders in chest radiology, Dr. Viamonte explains what percentage mistakes are prompted just by incorrect suggestions or defective interpretation. How can a consultant steer clear of making such error? by way of spotting the explanations for earlier error. the writer has accrued many such situations in the course of thirty years of expertise, which he discusses in regards to the liver, spleen, and pancreas, the hole viscus of the alimentary tract, and the retroperitoneum.

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14c-h. Sarcoma of the lye c Upper GI senes provldmg the clue to the dIagnosIs Note antenor dIsplacement of the second part of the duodenum ThIs findmg IS usually the result of a pancreatIc mass, an enlarged abdorrunal aorta, adenopathIes, or a retropentoneal tumor d PostevacuatlOn film of a banum enema. Note dIffuse dIsplacement of the colon No mtnnslc leSIOn of the bowel was observed e PhagocytIc scan DIffuse hepatomegaly WIthout focal lesIOns of the hver was noted There was no eVIdence of splenomegaly.

ThIS was a tumor of the mfenor vena cava growlOg lOto the rIght atrIum Below the tumor one can see the massIvely enlarged lOfenor vena cava (whIch sImulated a pencardIaI process) 0 HIstologIc sectIOn Note that the lumen of the mfenor vena cava IS filled by tumor (leIOmyosarcoma) Note also the hypervascular wall of the mfenor vena cava It represents the expanded vasa va sorum supplIed by the celIac artery ThIs explams the neovasculanty noted on the celIac artenogram p Late phase of the celIac artenogram.

The venous phase of the supenor mesentenc artery m]ectlOn (f) showed absent opacificatIOn of the left branch of the portal vem Illlttally the diagnosIs entertamed was that of a tumor of the tat! of the pancreas, obstructmg the splelllc vem and causmg splenomegaly and bver metastases The second diagnosIs considered was that of lymphoma. The surgeon was firm m his ImpreSSIOn that his Wife had no eVidence of mahgnancy Followmg the CT and anglO graphic exarmnatlOns another tentattve diagnosIs was that of hepatoma However, contradlctmg the diagnosIs of a hepatoma was the absence of neovasculanty and that the splelllc vem was obstructed but not the mam portal vem g We suggested hepatic venography wluch was then performed Note obstructIOn ofhepattc vems With numerous mtrahepattc, mtra- and mtervenous collaterals This appearance is classIc for veno-occluslve disease.

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