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By James Siegel

Following a deadly string of clues, Riskin unearths himself in scorching pursuit of a little-known global battle II legal named Dr. Petoit, who, after promising sanctuary to countless numbers of fleeing Jews in occupied France, led them to loss of life in his own residence. As Riskin uncovers his friend's personal responsible half in those crimes, he himself comes head to head with the final word evil.

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Several weeks later, snuggled up in bed, her husband suddenly asked about him. “That guy? ” She didn’t know, she said. Just gone, that’s all. But then, she suddenly felt the need to tell more, felt it as strong as she’d ever felt anything. “He had a gun,” she said. “I walked by him and he had a gun. ” And she began to tell her husband more, more of what she felt and what she thought and what she theorized. But halfway through, she gave up. For he was fast asleep, turned to the wall like the class dunce, and certainly just as oblivious.

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