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By John Putnam Demos

Within the first version of the Bancroft Prize-winning pleasing devil, John Putnam Demos awarded a completely new standpoint on American witchcraft. via investigating the surviving old records of over 100 real witchcraft circumstances, he vividly recreated the realm of recent England in the course of the witchcraft trials and taken to gentle interesting info at the position of witchcraft in early American tradition. Now Demos has revisited his unique paintings and up to date it to demonstrate why those early americans' unusual perspectives on witchcraft nonetheless subject to us this present day. He offers a brand new preface that places forth a broader evaluate of witchcraft and appears at its position round the world--from precedent days correct as much as the current.

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Lawrence married yet again (a widow named Morris) and fathered six more children, most of whom would eventually settle in Connecticut. 63 If Lawrence paid further heed to Rachel, the fact is not recorded; almost certainly their divorce broke contact forever. Meantime Rachel struggled along, however she could. "85 The confusion as to surname, and the familiarity implicit in the use of a given name, marked her as a town fixture. She became, as well, a town charge. The selectmen's account for 1686—to take only one example—included the following entries: To Joseph Quilter, for a load of clay for Rachel Clinton £00.

And why did the substance of accusation take one form rather than another? What indeed does witchcraft study reveal about the deeper levels of experience—about emotions, drives, unconscious pressures and conflicts —in New Englanders at large? Parts One and Two are centered on individual persons (or the individual as a generalized type), whereas the later sections describe communities. Part Three, organized under the general rubric of sociology, relates witchcraft to the shapes and structures of group-life in early New England.

Thus Chapters 7 and 8 present two separate communities closely involved with a witch trial. And Chapter 9, another overview, addresses the same themes in a more comprehensive fashion. Succinctly put, this part asks what forces and features of community life were liable to support—and, in some degree, to generate—specific projects of witch-hunting. When all else is done, there remains the important issue of timing. And this is the burden of Part Four—on history. Communities are again the chief "unit of study," but now from the standpoint of movement and change.

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