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By James Alan Matisoff

Lahu is a crucial minority language of Southeast Asia, belonging to the Lolo-Burmese subgroup of the Sino-Tibetan language family members. it really is spoken by way of over 500,000 humans in China, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.This English-Lahu Lexicon (ELL) is a computer-aided yet manually edited "reversal" of the author's huge Lahu-English dictionary (The Dictionary of Lahu, UCPL #111, 1988, xxv + 1436 pp.).English-Lahu Lexicon comprises approximately 5400 head-entries and good over 10,000 conscientiously prepared subentries. each Lahu expression is supplied with a form-class designation to point its grammatical functionality. 8 valuable Appendices (e.g. Plant and Animal Names) around out the volume's 450 pages.

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If a word is ‘starred’, it will be indexed up to the next ‘white space’ character. The asterisk may be imbedded inside a word as well: be *angry; be *annoyed with, *mad at be un*clear; *blur ry; *dull in color angry; annoyed, mad clear; blur; dull 2. If only part of a word is to be indexed, place a vertical bar where the index is to break off: *gush ing; *flow ing out constantly and copiously gush; flow 3. ”22 By default, LEXWARE’s inversion facility indexed every word in the designated gloss bands.

Already — completed action; already V; V algae — water weeds; ı́ -kâ ʔ=mu ̀ ʔ (N). seaweed; algae: now: ò (Pv ). also — 1. (in NP’s) too; also [conjunctive]: kà ʔ (Punf ). 2. (after nouns) also N; even alight — perch on; alight (of winged creaN: thɔ̂ (Punf ). 3. even; also; (before tures): nâ (V). negated verb) either: nɛ́ (Punf ). 4. also; even (an emphatic setter-off of a NP): pɔ̂ alive — 1. be alive: tè ʔ (V). 2. sthg alive: ∼ pɔ̄ ∼ pɔ̀ʔ (Punf ; Puf ). 5. even; also: ɔ̀-tè ʔ (N). 3. as a living thing; alive: e ∼ è (Punf ).

Abate — become less and less; abate; decrease; subside: yɔ̂ qay ve (Vh + Vv ). abreast — close together; abreast; lined up next to each other; in a serried rank: j̀ ɛ̀ abbot — senior monk; abbot: phà ʔ-tō =ló (n) (AEstat ). (N). abrupt — 1. suddenly; abruptly: tê cɔ-há abbreviate — shortened; abbreviated: ŋɛ pı̂ (AEq ). 2. to Vh fast; Vh suddenly, tā ve (Vh + Vv + Pv ). abruptly: gɛ̀ (Vv ). abet — help; aid and abet: ga-kà ve (V). abscess — boil (pus-filled excrescence); abscess: š á -chu ̂ (N).

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