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Enhancing your conversing and writing abilities is helping in daily events, reminiscent of writing a paper for college, giving a presentation to a company's bigwigs, or speaking successfully with friends and family. English Grammar For Dummies, 2d version grants the newest innovations for making improvements to your potency with English grammar and punctuation.

• Teaches the foundations of verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; prepositions, propositions, and pronoun pronouncements; punctuation; possessives; and proofreading talents for all communication
• Geraldine Woods is the writer of English Grammar Workbook For Dummies, university Admission Essays For Dummies, examine Papers For Dummies, SAT I For Dummies, sixth version, AP English Literature For Dummies, and AP English Language For Dummies

For audio system and writers of all ability degrees, English Grammar For Dummies, 2d version presents easy-to-follow, useful info for making improvements to your command of English grammar.

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The subject is Tori; the compound verb is ate and slept. ) RIGHT: Tori ate a big dinner and slept soundly all night. Don't use a comma with linking conjunctions. ) Delete the comma in each of these sentences: WRONG: I will walk home, because my mom can't pick me up. < previous page page_53 next page > < previous page page_54 next page > Page 54 WRONG: I will eat my spinach, if you'll put some butter on it. WRONG: I try to hide, whenever my mom serves liver for dinner. Don't use a comma before and when only two things are listed.

He has the least luck. I have many cats. You have more cats. She has the most cats. I ate too much pizza. He ate more pizza. You ate the most pizza. Comparisons can get confusing. Try to keep them as simple as possible. Check these out: Clear Confusing smaller less big less powerful more powerless most harmful least harmless more able less unable < previous page page_48 next page > < previous page page_49 next page > Page 49 Some adjectives can't get any bigger or betterthey are already superlative.

ADJECTIVES: I am capable. You are more capable. Maria is most capable. ADVERBS: I eat quickly. You eat more quickly. She eats most quickly. Or less and least. ADJECTIVES: Marshall is willing. Eric is less willing. Of the three, Rick is least willing. ADVERBS: David runs gracefully. Sam runs less gracefully. Of the three, Mark runs least gracefully. < previous page page_47 next page > page_48 < previous page next page > Page 48 Sometimes you, the writer, must decide which sounds better, the -er form or the more form.

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